Hello and welcome 

I’m Em, and as The Anxiety Coach, I am committed to helping you lovingly master your anxiety so that you can live the life you want, the way you want to, now.

Too often we put aside our own wellbeing to take care of others or to simply get through daily demands. It’s a pattern that can go on forever if it’s not challenged.

Your health and happiness is a priority only you can make. You deserve to feel alive and passionate, and my job is to help you make that happen in a way that’s long lasting and sustainable.

My Coaching Packages will deepen your awareness about your anxiety, reconnect you with your calm composed self and will have you redefining your relationship with your anxiety. Allow you see it as a gift and as feedback, so that rather than trying to fight it you will lovingly embrace and lovingly master it.

I believe that our mindset determines our success and needs to be fully engaged to change set patterns.  I use a range of proven tools and techniques to build awareness and break old habits that keep you stuck and stressed and anxious.

When we restore our inner calm and resilience, everything in our life improves, from our motivation and joy, to our health and self-confidence and energy levels. A calm mind is key, and you deserve it.

You’re in the right place if you …

  • Suffer with stress, anxiety or panic attacks

  • Are committed to making you the priority

  • Are ready to break old habits that aren’t serving you

  • Are ready to redefine your relationship with your anxiety

  • Are committed to lovingly master your anxiety and emotions

“As your Anxiety Coach, I will help you move out of your comfort zone and into an expanded, more connected you!”

When you can harness your calm state

  • Your life will flow effortlessly

  • You will feel more connected to yourself

  • You will sustain your energy throughout your day

  • You will live a more emotionally balanced life

Are you ready?

You know you’re ready if you are …

  • sick of being stressed or anxious

  • ready to love yourself

  • hungry to get creative about your life 

If you’re wondering where to start …

Our coaching sessions will support you to

  • Make friends with your less optimal self

  • Commit to more healthy habits

  • Understand why you’re not making progress

  • Live a life that excites you

  • Take control of your own joy

  • Give your self-esteem and confidence a boost

  • Manage overwhelm

  • Reconnect with yourself

Make your own health and happiness a priority and contact me now for a free 30 minute session.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Em. xxx



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I’m a qualified NLP Practitioner, Counsellor and Life Coach. My passion is to support people lovingly master their anxiety, energy and help my clients claim back their lives from stress and struggle.

If you’re struggling with anxiety and all that comes with it, please contact me now, don’t waste another day of your precious life.

em xxx




"I was at a particularly difficult crossroads and Emma’s help was invaluable. With her guidance I was able to move past my struggles and gain focus. We were able to identify the things that were holding me back and divine a path forward. Her work helped me identify where I wanted to be and set my intention for that space. In the year since I have been able to reshape my career and move onto a path for my future that has brought me much joy. I would highly recommend working with her. She can help uncover your inner power to achieve your goals whether large or small.."

- Howard Steeves, Stylist



Our coaching package is a commitment to your health and wellbeing, as we take a holistic approach and explore how you can lovingly master your anxiety.

Conducted in person or online, each session is a discovery that is carefully tailored to the needs of the individual.

The sessions will:

  • Look at your overall health 

  • Explore what is causing your anxiety

  • Help you overcome limiting beliefs, emotions and unhelpful behaviours

  • Help redefine your relationship with your anxiety and with yourself

  • Teach you how to lovingly master your thriving mindset, and switch it on whenever needed

You will learn tools and strategies to fast track changes and manage your emotions and mindset.